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Since our foundation in 2003, we have grown into an agency that covers all facets of retail and hospitality design. From initial site analysis to project administration. From concept to budget. From engineering to design. From initial idea to final delivery. And always from the perspective of the client.


Your way of working forms the foundation of our designs. We always strive for optimal logistics, routing and use of space. At the same time, your brand and identity are our inspiration to make every project unique and recognizable. To successfully combine these two aspects, we have developed and refined our own working method.


We work with a diverse team of specialists to create plans that not only work but also surprise. The trick is to have knowledge and experience from all angles and to combine these successfully.


Delivery and online retail are changing the shopping industry. Electric driving changes the highway. BIM is changing the construction world. Circular thinking changes architecture. All those areas are our playing field. By embracing and integrating new developments and innovation, we ensure that our work is always relevant and up to date.

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Pascal Rijnders
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Ivo Keulards
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Martijn Foppen
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Theo Wenting
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Matthias van den Hoek
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Inge Buerman
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Evert Veldhuizen
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Receb Turgut
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Dave Buinauskas
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What does an architect do?

Spatial design is the focus of our work. We design environments in which people stay and move. To make those people feel comfortable, we need to understand what’s important to them. In addition to architectural knowledge, this also requires knowledge about materials, light, sustainability, processes, contracts and financial matters.

Do you also make architectual drawings?

Yes, this is almost the bulk of our work. A good architectural package of a project yields a lot of profit during implementation.

I have engaged with a project office, do they provide all architectural work?

That is possible, but they often hire an architect for this. And in many cases we are the best choice.

How long does it take to get a buildingpermit (environmental permit)?

If an application fits within the zoning plan, the municipality has the legal obligation to grant a permit within 8 weeks. A one-time extension of 6 weeks can be given. If the application is incomplete, the period will be extended to complete the documents. After granting permission, an inspection period of 6 weeks follows. The permit becomes irrevocable if no admissible views have been submitted during that period.

Do you have good contacts with municipality X?

We focus on professionalism, good delivery and meeting deadlines. In addition, we have good connections with various municipalities.

When is an extensive procedure needed?

New initiatives often require changes to the zoning plan. Then the so-called extensive procedure is followed instead of the regular one. This extensive procedure takes an average of nine months to a year, but it can take even longer if local residents object.

You do a lot in fast food, but I want something completely different, can you do that too?

Yes, we certainly can. The strength of our company lies in our work processes and in our sense of routing and spatial experience: we can translate this strength to any (retail) environment.

I want to build. Do I go to a contractor or an architect at first?

Every project starts with a good and clear construction plan. That is the profession of the architect, so it is logical to start with them. A contractor knows the most about the execution and construction practice. He is involved relatively early on in the project so that he is involved in the thinking behind construction methods and costs.

What is the meaning of your name?

XS stands for Xperience Space. That is the core of what we do: we are designers of spaces that feel pleasant and are functional.

How does XS work?

Do you work in 3D?

As soon as the starting points of the project have been determined, we work in 3D. This greatly improves communication and quality of decisions and contributes to the efficiency of the work process.

Do you work with BIM?

BIM stands for Building Information Model. We think it’s fantastic to work with consultants, builders and suppliers on a BIM platform. It helps us improve construction preparation and eliminate failure costs. We spend an important part of the innovation budget on its development.

Do you work with Revit?

Also. Revit is a great program, but we mainly work with Archicad. This allows us to export perfectly in IFC – the open file type for BIM.

What is your philosophy about sustainable building?

Sustainability is an aspect of design that comes naturally to us. We build for the future, so we consider today’s sustainability standards as the bare minimum. At the same time, we are cautious when it comes to experimenting with new materials and systems, our client is never used as a guinea pig.

I see you work for large retailers. How do you join that with your own ethical principals?

Due to our focus on logistics and process, we are able to help and advise clients in retail, hospitality and healthcare. We see the efforts these clients make to innovate and improve themselves and we try to contribute as much as possible in our role.

Which projects match XS?

What is your expertise in retail and hospitality projects?

XS specializes in translating business concepts into buildings. User-friendliness and spatial perception are central to every design.

What is your expertise in the field of healthcare projects?

With focus on areas such as (social) hygiene, infection prevention and routing; we have developed a good design practice. This approach, combined with our experience in the hospitality industry, ensures an optimal experience of the space by both the patient and the healthcare professional.

Do you do residential design?

We also like to apply our expertise to residential design and construction. XS is particularly involved in complex integrations, redevelopments and infill locations. We prefer to leave large-scale housing projects to someone else.

Do you make passive homes?

Yes, we have developed a concept for this.

I have a project in collective private commisioning (CPO), can you help me?

We are happy to serve you. At CPO, we do have a preference for projects in our own region. This is due to the intensive consultation process associated with these types of projects.

For a small renovation, is it preferable to work with a contractor and/or a building drawer?

Our added value as an architect is that we do not think in terms of expansion, but in smart spatial solutions. As a result, we often come up with solutions where less is more. We can’t add much through a simple extension, but an intervention to turn your house into a home is certainly up to us.

My project is abroad. Is that a problem for XS?

We regularly carry out projects in Belgium, Luxembourg, Scandinavia and Iceland. In the permit allows, we generally work together with local partners. (Germany) In addition, our office is registered as an architect with the Architektenkammer Bayern and we have a number of German-speaking colleagues in our office. We can also work with local partners for permit applications and construction supervision, if desired under the HOAI.

Does XS Architects develop projects itself?

No, we work for project developers and do not want to be their competitor at the same time.

I am developer. What are you worth to me?

Especially in projects where different functions come together, such as retail, catering, care and housing, we can provide added value with our specific knowledge.

Does XS Architects have a recognized style?

Yes, you can recognize our office signature in the way we apply the corporate identity of our clients. And in the way we approach spatiality and composition.

I have an idea/style I'm very enthusiastic about. Can I contact you about this?

We will always look for the motivation behind your idea. And sometimes that can mean that we think there are better solutions. Applying a style is not an end in itself for us.

I want to develop a new retail, hospitality or care concept. Can you help me?

Yes and no. Concept development goes beyond architecture and interior. It is a profession that has interfaces with other areas of expertise, such as marketing, psychology, business administration and computer science. We know colleagues who can help much better with this. As architects, we like to think along from a very early stage about the coherence of all these aspects and the translation of them into practice.


What is your earning model?

XS Architects is independent. Our income comes 100% from our clients. We are a commercial company and we continuously strive to optimize our services so our prices remain in line with the market.

Do you work on a no cure no pay base?

Almost every project starts with a feasibility study. Sometimes it turns out that the plans are not feasible. Every client tries to keep initial costs as little as possible and we help with that. We work as efficiently and effectively as possible, so that start-up costs can remain may be kept to a minimum, however we always send an invoice for the work we have done.

What does an architect cost?

If an architect does his job well, he saves costs for the client. Of course our work costs money. Depending on the scope and complexity of the work, the fee consists of a percentage of 2% to 10% of the foundation costs. Our challenge is to deliver such high quality in the design and elaboration that failure costs are kept to a minimum.

My architect declares his hours and costs monthly. At the end of the project it always proves to be more expensive than expected. What can I expect at XS?

We prefer to work with a contract price for our work. This provides clarity throughout the project. Additional work is only required if the assignment changes in the meantime.

My architect calculates his fee as a percentage of the building sum. How does XS deal with this?

Although construction costs provide a clear indication of the size of a contract, we are not in favor of this. Depending on the scope and complexity of the work, the fee consists of a percentage of 2% to 10% of the foundation costs. In this way, the incentive to realize the best building for the best price remains present.

Does XS enter contests?

We usually do not participate in competitions, because we believe that they place too great a demand on our resources. Instead, we prefer to work on our own innovations.


Do you have regular partners with whom you work?

XS Architects works with a large network of partners in the advice and design process. A list can be found here (link). The activities of these partners are always offered directly to the client. It is customary for us to coordinate these.

Do you work with your own contractors?

No, we don’t think that fits with our independent role as an architect. There is, however, a long list of contractors that we can recommend, each with their own specialization and working method.

We are a supplier. Can you implement our product in your projects in exchange for a commission or kickback?

We can’t. If your product fits our project, we will recommend it, but we think your marketing budget is better spent on service and after sales.

Are you affiliated with (industry) organizations?

XS Architects is registered in the Bayerische Architektenkammer. We are also a recognized training company.

Do you work with freelancers?

We believe in the power of experience. Our aim is maximum continuity, both with our clients and internally. If you have worked together for a long time, you don’t need many words to communicate. However, we also sometimes work with freelance employees and hired workers if the market demands it.

Service Level

What happens if I'm not satisfied with your work?

It is possible that you are not happy with our service or with a design. We will always make an effort to correct errors or adapt the plans to your wishes. If that does not help, we will follow the DNR 2011 in resolving the situation that has arisen.

What happens if you make a mistake and I suffer damage?

Our agency is insured for professional liability. Our insurer does impose the condition that we declare the DNR 2011 applicable to our activities, so that the legal relationship is properly regulated.

Can I make an appointment in the evening or in weekends?

Weekend appointments are unusual for us, but we are regularly available in the evenings for private appointments, information evenings and presentations.

I have a rush job. How fast can you respond?

Depending on the complexity of the request, we can make a plan or provide advice within a span of a few days/ weeks.

Other questions

Do you want to sponsore us?

We love endurance sports, team sports and music. We certainly want to contribute ideas for inspiring goals in one of these categories.

Do you have information for my assignment/presentation on architecture?

It’s great that you’re interested in architecture! We have a lot of information and we are happy to help you. You can call us and tell us what you are looking for.