Beauty & Brands

We started out in 2003 as architects with a preference for the hospitality sector. We have since expanded into a firm that combines all aspects of retail and hospitality design under one roof: from feasibility study to permitting; from concept to budget; from engineering to styling, and from the very first idea right through to delivery – always from the perspective of your guests.

Function & Character

Your working method is the starting point for our designs. We always strive for optimum logistics,   routing and use of space. At the same time, your brand and identity shape our inspiration to make every project unique and recognizable.  We have developed and refined our own working method so that we can successfully combine these two approaches.

Expertise and Team Spirit

We work with a team of specialists to create plans that not only work, but exceed your expectations. We have mastered the art of possessing knowledge and experience from all approaches and of being able to combine them successfully. The essential aspects of this are an open organization and a finely-tuned team.

Innovation & Quality

Delivery and online retail are changing the high street. Electric cars are changing the highway. BIM is changing the building world. Circular thinking is changing architecture. By staying on top of new developments and embracing innovation, we guarantee that our work is always relevant and up to date.

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