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WE CREATE BUILDINGS FOR THE FUTURE We design for both new construction and renovation projects. Our focus lies on routing and logistics. This focus leads to buildings that fit perfectly into their function. At the same time, we realise that furnishing, usage and users change frequently – therefore flexibility and sustainability are essential to our approach. A solid foundation for the forever changing market.


WE DESIGN INSIDE OUT ?? We are most comfortable with designing the building as a whole, designing the exterior together with the interior. It gives us space to create the best experience for guest and host. Our work concerns the exterior, interior, the usage and the experience. PROJECT MANAGEMENT YOUR PROJECT IN GOOD HANDS Depending on the size and repetition of a project, we either manage the project ourselves or organize that one of our consultants handles the management. We make sure that your project is in good hands. Transparency and optimal chain cooperation always come first. You will always know what you are paying for.


OPTIMIZATION WITH BIM 3D 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a powerful tool which optimizes the design and construction process, while also helping to eliminate the risk of additional costs. BIM has a better grip on quality, costs and scheduling. While BIM is largely used for architectural design and construction, we also successfully utilise this technology for the interior design process. The high level of standard we achieve by working in this way is unique. CONSTANTLY DEVELOPING We spend an important part of the innovation budget on improving our modeling work. We follow training courses and look for ways to optimize collaboration with clients, builders, suppliers and consultants. THE ADVANTAGES OF BIM • the quality of the design and construction process increases; • avoids duplication of work; • problems are recognized and solved before construction starts


NOTHING BEATS THE REAL THING Physical presence is important, particularly now as we live in a time of ecommerce. Nothing beats a real encounter; reality says more than a 1000 images. Only when going shopping, do shoppers find confirmation of what they find online, and only then are you able to exceed their expectations. For this reason it is important to effectively reflect a company’s branding through architecture. This starts with self-knowledge, helping you to form a strong brand identity. The next step is to translate that identity into a physical location, which in turns strengthens the branding; completing the full circle.

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