Our mission

Our mission

We build brands with architecture

Your way of working forms the basis of our designs. We always strive for optimal logistics, routing and use of space. At the same time, your brand and identity are our inspiration to make every project unique and recognizable again. In order to successfully combine these two perspectives, we have developed and refined our own working method.

6 layer model

A solid process

A fixed process: The perfect retail experience starts with the basics, and with a good understanding of the success factors of your company. With that in mind, we have developed a layered design process that covers all aspects of operation and customer experience – XS Layers.

  • DNA

    Your brand is the foundation of your business: your DNA. It provides a direction in your culture, operation, product range and marketing. We delve into your identity, and by doing so, everything we design will contribute to your brand experience.

  • Operation

    The next layer is your operation; the decisive factor when it comes to costs and gains. We thoroughly investigate your operation and make a complete overview of your resources and processes. An optimal operation is guaranteed in every design we produce.

  • Lay-out

    We think the lay-out of your branches forms a translation of our knowledge and your DNA, an operation to a reasonable location. This way, we create concrete ideas for your appearance and the journey that the customer will embark upon. We will make sure every inch counts to your success.

  • Architecture

    Your establishment needs not only to look good, it also needs to be authentic. This only succeeds if it is not exclusively a translation of your DNA, operation and lay-out, but also responds to and reflects the environment it is built in. Architecture is more than styling, it is the translation of your brand to a location.

  • User interface

    The last, however not least step, is the completion of the customer experience. Extra attention is necessary in areas where there is direct contact with customers. Instore communication and advertisement are the last influencing factors for a transaction.

  • Data analysis

    Our work does not finish when the project is delivered. The analysis and evaluation of customer data gives us the opportunity to search for points of improvement for the next location. This analysis strengthens your DNA for the next generation. (evolution)



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