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Office Amstelveen

Secretly sustainable

We designed the office of a client in Amstelveen, where sustainability played a key role in a subtle way.

The building was from the 1990s and was due for renovation, as the value and condition of the building had completely depreciated. The briefing XS architects received was to create an inviting and contemporary place where visitors can experience the company culture. It was important to pay extra attention to the working climate in the broadest sense of the word. This prompted us to focus on acoustics, (air) quality and creating a balance between open spaces versus quiet places for concentration and consultation. This eventually led to a design with various zones for working, meeting and concentrating – the advantages of flexible workplaces combined with the tranquility of a traditional office.

At some point during the design process, the client remarked ‘I hate fake - only real materials should be used’. This simple statement ultimately caused us to take the design to a high level in terms of sustainability. Natural materials were used throughout the entire project, except in the cast floor as there was no suitable sustainable alternative for this at the time of construction.

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